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Maestros Financial Inclusion Portfolio

“Financial Inclusion” is delivery of financial services at reasonable cost to unreachable section. In this the Governments strive to bring the common public into the formal channel of economy thereby ensuring that even the last person standing in the last is not left out from the benefits of the economic growth and is added in the mainstream economy. This helps encouraging the poor person to save & safely invest in various financial products and also to borrow from the formal channel when needed.In India, 40% of the population is dependant on the banking system. Amongst them, private sector (80%) banks largely cater to the urban and semi-urban areas. In remote areas, the main problem of the people is in accessing basic banking services. Technology plays an important role in achieving financial inclusion by providing banking services at the doorstep.

Maestros Electronics is the leading provider in financial solution for nationalized, private and rural banks across India. We enable and expand user to reach institutions beyond branches.
Our Financial Inclusion solution consists of the following components:

Micro ATM
Aadhaar based Biometric Authentication (L0)
Local Server based Biometric Authentication
Smart Card reader, MSR
Receipt printing

Financial Inclusion Products

Script 100M
Script 100
Take a Service for Spin

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