Fetal Monitor

CTG 150

Color TFT with optional Touchscreen.
Wireless probes with twin monitoring.
Pulse Doppler with 9 elements for better sensitivity.
Inbuilt High Resolution 6” Thermal array printer.
Automatic Fetal Movement detection.
Patient Data Storage for more than 10 Hours.
WiFi Enabled for Central Monitoring.
Real Time Transmission to Mobile (Optional).
Automatic Analysis

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LCD Display with Backlight
High Sensitive transducer
Built in Speakers
Advanced Digital Signal Process (DSP) Technology
Long time continuous use
Inbuilt rechargeable Li-ion battery
Ergonomic design compact and light weight
Easy to use and handle

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Fetal Doppler

Integrated Tablet
Finger Print Scanner
Bluetooth 2.1
Dual ISO 7816 Smart Card Reader
Magnetic Swipe Card Reader
Aadhar FPS
Long Battery Life

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Wireless Fetal Monitor

2” Bluetooth Printer
Finger Print Sensor
Aadhar Supported FPS
STQC Certified FPS

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